Motorcycle Insurance survey

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Welcome to our motorcycle insurance survey, we hope you will join us and tell us what you currently pay for your motorcycle insurance.

We are trying to get as many bikers as possible to submit non invasive details about their insurance up and down the country so then we can produce a data sheet with the stats on for everyone to view.

The stats are openly available to members of the site and it's free to join and you can search for a bike or location and find out what other people pay for their insurance anywhere in the UK.

Are prices cheaper up North than they are down south - well hopefully we will soon find out.

Don't worry, nobody will know who you are, or where your bike is as it's all annoymous and we only ask for the town that your in.

So sign up now with your name and email address and add your current price and see also what other people pay for a bike similar to yours.

 You will be asked the following questions:-

Age | Location | City | Bike Make/Model | CC | NCB | Insurer Name | Price | Type

This is what you wil see in the survey list results

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